Cairo 150 years ago

Images of Egypt is very old and rare 150 years ago

Sphinx statue 150 years ago

River Nile before filled by the vicinity of the pyramids

Sakka, this is the one who tells the people with water before entering the water to homes
Palm trees in the water next to the pyramids, and now has become a motorway

One mosque in Cairo by the proliferation of cars in 1880 AD

Stores old Cairo

Alkutab .. A place to keep the children the Koran

Sakka fill Zeer to drink from people
Zeer: something made ​​of clay makes the water is cold

One of the mosques in Cairo in 1886

Cafe is smoke shisha and games Domano

One of worshipers in the mosque

A photograph of the girl years 1799,
This Image after restoration edit

Child next to a statue time of the Pharaohs
The statue without the Museum does not control

Old and girl dress with her ​​cat

Dress the old Egyptian woman

Old uniforms unveiled

Surprised the girl from the camera

Place alongside ancient pyramids and Pyramid of falconry 

Views very rare
Water next to the pyramids
Sentences and means of transmission

Make cloth manually

Father and mother and their children with them next to the door of a mosque

Sentences and means of transmission of ancient

Al-Azhar in 1880 from the inside

Vendors who are either putting their wares on a donkey cart .. Or goods inside a small wooden booth


Stagecoaches had been waiting at the entrance to reach people within Moski

Sakka carries water from the Nile to drink directly without refining

Egyptians in the comfort of passengers in the desert

Mashrabia which was famous for its houses of Egypt in 1872 AD

Apostle of ancient Egypt

End of the prayers of the prayer in Al-Azhar mosque in 1880 AD

Aswan Reservoir

Workers make silk hand-picked images in 1880 AD

Qasr al-Nil Bridge in 1905

Suez Canal Bridge

The Nile Corniche in Cairo in 1880

A coffee shop in 1876

Dokki neighborhood of a balcony 1888

Port of Alexandria in 1872 AD

Mousky entrance in 1874

Limousine ancient Egypt and luxury vehicle Navigation
A visit to the tombs of the castle looks from afar. In 1860

Camel Market in Giza

Arms market in ancient Egypt, and see the old lady dress

Market in the Old Cairo where they sell home accessories made ​​of copper - between 1870 and 1900

Papillary Street in Old Cairo - between 1870 and 1900

Street, near the end of the pyramid at the foot of the pyramid - between 1910 and 1915

Traditional street in Old Cairo, where there are oriels Islamic decoration - between 1870 and 1880

Street in Old Cairo in the neighborhood of Toulon - between 1870 and 1900

Al-Azhar Mosque

Upper Egypt

Picture of Cairo in 1894

Spinning and Weaving

Peasant girl with her two children for more than a century


Surveyors shoes - the end of the nineteenth century

A group of tourists Bartanion during a visit to the pyramids in 1900

Replace Altarabich

Carpet shop in a market in Old Cairo in 1873

Shop spices

A shop selling shisha (water pipe or hookah) and accessories in Old Cairo - between 1870 and 1899

Egyptian cotton spindles in 1989

General view of Cairo from the Citadel describes the oldest neighborhoods of Cairo and the pyramids to look far Atlut - Between 1880 and 1890

General view of Cairo from the Cairo Citadel and the entire show without smoke or pollution obscures vision in 1860

Procession of a Sufi in Cairo

River Nile

Downtown Cairo

Downtown Cairo

Means of connectors

A vendor

One of the leaders of the pyramids - the end of the nineteenth century

A branch of the Nile

The ruins of the city of Alexandria after the English invasion and occupation of war 1882 - 1882

Ruins of the city - is what remains of Alexandria after the bombardment of heavy artillery English occupation of the city in 1882

Members of the Nubian camel near the pyramid of Saqqara in 1896

Khedive Ismail and his son, Khedive Tawfiq


Prayer for the compound

Citadel and the Mosque of Mohammed Ali - Between 1880 and 1900

Oriels in old houses


Grocery store in Ancient Egypt - between 1870 and 1900

Receive the flag at the hands of the elders in a mosque in Old Cairo in 1898

Statue of Ibrahim Pasha in the center of the country - between 1870 and 1900

Egyptian lane

A Barber

Aljmames trained in ancient Egypt - between 1870 and 1900

Rural Egypt
A clear picture of Sakka's .. And Sakka is that brings water from the river and sell it to people without refining

A man who speaks with a woman next to the wall Alazpakia

A nubian woman

Egyptian farmers

Factor, tea and coffee in the cafe

Men climbing the pyramids in package tours

Men drink Shisha

Old school and old uniforms. And the teacher wearing a white

Peasant girl carrying her son the way Egyptian way and still bring children to now there


Sakka is a picture of the photographer was very surprised

Seller grains and spices

Students studying science

the barber's shop And the temperature is very high in Luxor city

The donkey is a taxi at the time

the occupation of egypt of sleeping

This man is fit shoes. In the commercial market for the sale of used items, the old

Trade in both houses

Transportation collective in the past

Vegetable seller

Vegetable seller2

Vendors are waiting worshipers during their exit from the mosques, and this phenomenon exists to our time

Water next to the pyramids

Woman from Alexandria in 1889

Wonderful view and is very rare for the pyramids and the Nile

Alqirdati .. Is a profession and a man with his friend, the monkey making presentations so as to obtain money from the viewers .. This profession became extinct but found very little in

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